So this is the blogosphere?

I may indeed be late to the whole blog thing but better late than never! Here’s some things you should know about me!
My name is Andrew Pan some people call me Andrew, some people call me Pan. You decide. I’m an Illustrator, Writer, Photographer and wanna-be comedian from the middle of no where North Carolina. I secretly wish I was born in one of those more obscure states like Oklahoma or Nebraska just to add some back story but I wasn’t. I currently am working mainly as an illustrator and writer spanning over different genres and mediums including CD covers, greeting cards,  t-shirt and tattoo design, children’s books as well as a couple of novels that I have on the back burner. I also try to do comedic youtube videos. I have a children’s book being self-published this November and I’m working on a historical fiction romance to be released in early 2017 (or before). No pressure. You can find most of my handmade art pieces and greeting cards at my etsy shop that I update with new product weekly.
My main reason for starting this blog is to allow myself a consistent way to update followers and fans on what is happening within my life and work. Facebook was becoming too cumbersome to remember to post too. I also wanted to begin posting essays or short stories and this is truly the best medium for that type of expression. So please, if you like me and/or my writing, photography and/or illustrations, follow this blog! Hopefully it will remain updated on a weekly basis although I can’t guarantee I’ll always have something to say. The great thing about this is that even if you don’t have a wordpress you can follow via email so that way you don’t miss a single thing!
Thanks for your support and talk to you soon,
random person on the other side of this monitor…

With hate, LOVE,

Andrew Pan

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